Advanced R&D

Redefining the limits of technology, from macro to micro. We’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, from concept to reality. Our high-performance and innovative scientific research and technology services and products solve challenges for customers seeking innovation and cutting-edge solutions.

Photonic and Electronic Technologies

Eqlipse provides leadership in the research and development of photonic and electronic technologies. Our current electronic areas of focus include electro-optic modulators, multiferroics, nanoelectronics, plasmonics, and metamaterials. Our photonic research extends to laser-materials interaction testing the study of materials’ performance in high temperature environments. We operate the Laser Heated Materials Evaluation Laboratory (LHMEL®), which provides controlled laser heating coupled with operationally significant environmental simulation to provide valuable data to high-temperature materials developers.

Biological & Nanoscale Technologies

We provide bio-inspired flexible and stretchable functional materials for tomorrow’s challenges. Our core capabilities are soft material research, development, and technology transition spanning across multiple fields including organic synthesis, synthetic biology, microbial contaminations, functional additive manufacturing, flexible hybrid electronics, and machine learning/optimization. Our scientists contribute to nanomaterial production and scale-up, biostabilization, better understanding of microbial contamination of materials and its mitigation, flexible materials development, sweat and water-based biological sensing approaches, functional additive manufacturing, high throughput biological analysis, and autonomous experimentation. Our commercial nanomaterial products include ELMNT® Liquid Metal Inks, and AURA™ Gold Nanoparticles.

Integrative Health & Performance Sciences

We’re setting the standard for high-level research in areas that include sensors for cognitive and physiological health and performance monitoring, as well as environmental exposure assessment, biotechnology, -omics and analytics. Our scientists specialize in chem/biosensors and circuits, in engineering and design, and system prototyping, test and evaluation.

Aerospace Power & Propulsion Technologies

The evolution of modern aerospace military weapons has led to the demand for higher power levels. These higher power levels cannot be achieved without reliable high power/temperature performance and efficient thermal management of their subsystems. Our scientists are instrumental in addressing these limitations by innovative applications of advanced technologies. Eqlipse assists and enables the development of higher power levels for weapons on military platforms. Our core capabilities include conducting advanced analytical and experimental research in aerospace weapons power systems analysis, electrical power systems, energy conversion and storage, and structural integrity as applied to strike, tactical and unmanned military aerospace weapons platforms.

Materials &

We provide processing, characterizing, evaluating, analyzing, and modeling advanced structural materials, including polymer matrix composites, ultra-high temperature ceramics, and ceramic matrix composites for use in advanced aerospace applications. Materials understanding, development, and life prediction can present vast challenges. Eqlipse scientists work with leading experts in a collaborative environment with access to a world-class characterization facility. Our flexible, supportive environment strives to help our scientists reach our customers’ goals.