In an era of rapid digital transformation, operational insight is the advantage. We leverage our expertise in software and systems engineering to support critical, high-demand needs across the full cyber domain.

Full Spectrum Cyber Operations

Effective use of technology is difficult in today’s rapidly evolving technology fields, but essential for achieving mission success. Our Computer Network Operations (CNO) offensive and defensive capabilities include a focus on systems analysis, reverse engineering, vulnerability analysis, and re-engineering. At the device level, we provide world-class experience and depth of practical knowledge in microprocessor-based devices such as telecommunications infrastructure equipment, cellular telephones, computers, and sensors. At the systems level, we provide subject matter expertise in the analysis, activity reconstruction, and system redesign of networked system components.
We can analyze your existing systems, assess system vulnerabilities, and provide essential functional or security changes utilizing the latest techniques to guard against attacks. Our expertise also includes data exploitation, operating systems, application development, and pioneering on-demand malware analysis platforms enabling operators to work directly with infected files in secure and isolated environments.

Data Science

As the amount of data in the world increases exponentially, gaining insights into actionable data has never been more challenging. We work as a trusted partner with our customers to exploit big data, uncover correlations and hidden patterns, and deliver the deep understanding missions require for better and faster decision-making. We provide open-source and commercial software development with many years of rapid prototyping technologies such as NiFi processing and providing technology transfer to global mission systems enabling extremely high-speed processing of both streaming and static data sets. Utilizing data analytics on big data platforms such as Hadoop, NiFi, Spark, AWS and Accumulo, our teams increase situational awareness and provide real-time data for operations enabling experimentation and evaluation against actual real-time data.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI/ML)

Using machine learning algorithms, we sort through massive amounts of streaming data to identify mission-critical information. By clustering words into “topics,” and sorting documents into mixtures of topics, we classify streaming data as high priority or low priority. We also provide instantaneous anomaly detection and predictive reasoning across massive data sets. These capabilities enable analysts and operators to quickly reduce datasets and discover the most important data for your specific mission.

Tactical Mission Networks

We have deep expertise in designing, developing, and implementing Tactical Mission Networks (TMNs) for the Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC). As experts in this field, we serve as the integrator, delivering the TMN with the necessary toolsets to support Digital Force Protection (DFP) and campaign requirements associated with Theater Special Operations Command (TSOC) supporting functions to Combatant Commands (COCOMs). We sustain the architecture, tools, configuration management, accreditation, access control, integration, and training.

Digital Force Protection

Our mobility experts provide government agencies with the ability to blend Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) tools with Communications Intelligence (COMINT) solutions for mobile networks. Our over-the-air passive and active capabilities allow us to find the location of selectors, obtain a fix on the target, exploit devices, and analyze data and associated metadata. Our team has first-hand operational experience in developing capabilities and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs). We can perform everything from surveys to full delivery of finished product reports. We design, develop, and automate analytical algorithms for big data platforms or design systems specifically tailored to customer needs.

and Signals Processing

We’ve not only mastered the tools used to analyze signals, but we also have the experience needed to develop practical solutions for your specific mission. We conduct research and design, test, and deploy algorithms to process signals across software and hardware-defined systems. Using techniques like filtering, tuning, and demodulating signals, as well as additional post-demod processing, we can provide crucial support for your mission-critical systems. Whether tracking a selector, analyzing a tower or gateway, or providing finished analysis, our experience may be leveraged to provide insight not otherwise made available.

Research, Development, and Integration in RF

As experts in radio frequencies (RF) and exploitation, we perform research in RF product development that includes full-lifecycle support in R&D, testing, and integration. The deployment of products for the most challenging missions you face is mitigated by leveraging our experts in telecommunications technologies, wireless frequencies, and cloud analytics.


We have experience with multiple cloud technologies and platforms. We can spearhead the release of your custom cloud infrastructures, lead application development, and facilitate worldwide provisioned deployments of mission-critical services. Our software and solutions delivery is consistent, secure, efficient, and cost-effective, with subject matter expertise across the system domain with technology decisions, procurements, implementation, global support, deployment, Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP), monitoring, availability, and reliability services. We can help you with the development of robust virtual secure environments that allow development teams to deploy quickly, frequently, and with security controls implemented at the platform level and on-demand hosting environments for direct mission analysts.

Agile Software Development

We believe in being Agile as part of a corporate and cultural mindset. It’s not just a methodology or implementing certain tools and techniques, but rather a philosophy of effectiveness that ensures a high impact on every project, every team, and every person.

Our engineers deliver high-value solutions from small-in-scope high-impact applications to enterprise-wide mission applications utilizing Agile methods, while our coaches assist teams or enable large-scale enterprise Agile transformations. We work to create a cohesive rhythm across all of our engagements, both internally and with our most valued mission partners. Our dynamic leadership practices allow for the natural adoption of Agile among teams and helps build an environment for continued success. We build awareness and generate excitement among our teams, cultivated through our corporate Agile Center of Excellence and by offering SAFe and other Agile certifications and classes to our employees and strategic partners.