Our invaluable expertise across the intelligence spectrum ranges from consultative and training services, to intelligence and operations support to critical missions worldwide.

Threat Intelligence

As global and domestic threats continue to evolve, we provide actionable intelligence to customers tasked with preventing and deterring terrorism and extremism. Aligning human intelligence (HUMINT) with open-source intelligence (OSINT) and reporting, our experienced team is uniquely positioned to produce mission-critical alerts and intelligence reports.

Electronic Warfare

We support industry-leading open architecture technology, mission planning, and awareness in support of electronic warfare. Our innovative RF solutions are designed and developed for the full spectrum of cyber operations, readiness, and capability development. With over three decades of experience, patents, and comprehensive industry knowledge, this enables us to develop tactical solutions that benefit our customers to stay ahead of global threats and offer actionable intelligence to warfighters operating at the tactical edge. Our products are CMOSS/SOSA/VICTORY/MORA aligned to provide solutions that are scalable, modular, and promote interoperable products within our portfolio of connected systems.

Digital Operations

We possess invaluable expertise across the intelligence spectrum and can provide tradecraft expertise ranging from consultative and training services to intelligence and operations support to critical missions worldwide.

Identity Management

We can manage identities in today’s complex digital ecosystems by providing identity management solutions, ensuring users maintain access to the right systems and applications in an era of rapid technological change.

Signals Intelligence

As leaders in the Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) industry, we develop and provide system solutions for airborne, maritime, and ground intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) platforms. Our sensitive capabilities are deployed and integrated for quick-reaction support to meet critical requirements. We develop, deploy, and integrate an array of tactical sensors that satisfy multiple mission needs across disparate communications mediums. This provides our customers the interoperability to support a variety of manned or unmanned platforms and multi-sensor configurations. Our expertise is often leveraged in support of CNO, defensive cyber initiatives, tools development, sensor deployment, platform development, and critical aspects such as mobile device management, dataflow, and secure communications.

SIGDEV, Target Analysis & Reporting

We perform and thrive in supporting a variety of different SIGINT mission aspects, supporting sensor design, engineering, and operation on high-priority operational programs. We work in lock-step with partners to ensure the top-level performance of sensors, providing thorough analysis of sensor data, conducting intelligence analysis, and signals development and analysis, which guarantees smooth mission operations. We are leveraged to execute sensor overwatch and operation on a continual basis via watch floors supporting these sensors and ensuring seamless dataflow. We proffer mission accountability and sensor value analysis via multi-faceted systems engineers and data scientists by revealing unique insights into these sensors and their operations through metric capture and production.

Mission Management & Signals Analysis

As SIGINT experts, we support high-priority sensor operations ensuring mission assets remain optimized and potential outage threats are mitigated. Our expertise includes system and subsystem level tasking, configuration, survey, signals analysis, and maintaining system health within parameters. We ensure that selection, collection, and dataflow meet signature criteria and response. We also identify changes and anomalies within the mission environment, and process results for the normalization of follow-on analytics. We provide our professional engineering services and enrich the mission further through training, prototyping, and integrating new leading-edge sensor and analytic capabilities. We ensure the systems and data expertise are maintained at the program level, thereby guiding the product and system reporting elements in identifying and operationalizing the technical value illustrated within the signal captures.