Our patented and proven high-yield processes make gold nanoparticles accessible for a wide range of applications.

The gold standard.

AURA™ Gold Nanoparticles are functionalizable and can be cost-effectively scaled to meet your specifications. Available as nanorods, nanospheres or nanowires, they feature tunable aspect ratios, high shape purity, low polydispersity, and high yield (scale of availability).

Shape Purity

AURA Gold nanoparticles feature low polydispersity, yielding particles with uniform shape and size distribution.

Precisely Tunable

From the length and size to the aspect ratio, we can make the nanoparticles you need with a precision you can count on.

Ready Functionalizability

Whatever you need your nanoparticles ready to do, we make sure they’re ready to do it. Functionalizable with CTAB, PEG, or Polystyrene.

Gold Nanospheres
Diameter 10-50 nm
Gold Nanorods
Diameter 20-30 nm
Aspect Ratio 20-50mm
Gold Nanowires
Diameter 20-30 nm-2 nm
Aspect Ratio 20-50 mm+ mm-50mm

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