ELMNT® is our patented best-in-class conductive ink that enables wearable electronics to be tougher and more stretchable while offering robust ease of design and fabrication.

Flexible. Durable. Incredible.

ELMNT has been adapted to be a go-to solution for most printing and deposition processes onto a wide array of substrates. Currently, ELMNT is formulated for blade coating, screen printing, airbrushing, and aerosol jet printing. Whatever your application, we’re ready to partner with you to make it happen.

Low hysteresis

Minimize unnecessary energy loss with our low hysteresis innovation. ELMNT delivers seamless performance and accurate results with heightened control and greater optimization.


Wearable electronics need to be able to go where you’re going without holding you back. That means they need to be light, flexible, and comfortable. ELMNT is based on liquid metal technology with outstanding performance for flexible, stretchable, and wearable applications.


Tested for power transmission, joule heating, RF communications, haptic input/output, and more. ELMNT overcomes the limitations of stretching, hysteresis, and lifetime durability where most other conductive materials fail.

This is the latest ELMNT


ELMNT is a product unlike any other. Find highlight tech specs for or Blade Coating and Screen Printing products below. Don’t see an application you want? Contact us.

Blade Coating
Viscosity 4100 cP
Conductivity 3000 S/cm
Metal Content 88 wt% (50 vol%)
High Viscosity
Viscosity 3000 cP
Conductivity 2000 S/cm
Metal Content 86 wt% (51 vol%)
Low Viscosity
Viscosity 2000 cP
Conductivity 2000 S/cm
Metal Content 86 wt% (51 vol%)

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