Robo-Met systems enable you to create more time for discovery, data analysis and characterization by eliminating the drudgery of the polishing station, and automating microscopy.

Insights in a box.

Our Robo-Met system allows you to automate and upgrade your materialography process. Never used Robo-Met before? We’ll train your team how to use it to run customized material analysis for scientific research and materials development applications.

Greater Insights. Greater Speeds.

Evaluate a range of materials from carbon pitch foams to high temperature ceramics with precision 3D insights.


Customize your analysis case-by-case through our user-friendly configuraitons.

Repeatable. Accurate. Cost-effective.

Systematic analysis provides results you can trust without breaking your budget.

By leveraging our unique and fully automated Robo-Met.3D™ materials characterization system, we deliver the materials insights you need for your materials science applications, from validating additive manufacturing builds or non-destructive testing methods, to testing metals and composite materials, to analyzing bearings and welds or coatings for quality control, and more.

Our systems have been successfully used to analyze a wide spectrum of materials. Robo-Met is especially useful in discriminating features in materials with high inherent radiopacity (e.g., ceramics, refractory alloys), or with low density contrasts (composites) that are challenging for NDE techniques to identify.



Automated serial sectioning system

Materials processes happen in 3D, so you miss key data by limiting your materials characterization methods to traditional 2D analysis. Robo-Met.3D is a fully automated, metallography based serial sectioning system that delivers unique insights to your analyses.


High-throughput 2D analysis system

High-throughput, automated metallography of samples for real time analysis and decision making. Consistent, rapid and repeatable evaluation of components.


Insights for individual samples

Get insights for your individual samples by taking advantage of our analysis services. When you only need a few samples analyzed, or you prefer to have us collect and process the data, or if you need your results now, get the materials insights you need through our materials analysis services.

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